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Get the Holiday Skinny…and be happy!

For some,  the holidays are fun, for some, its stress with a smile…they are here…and like it or not…most of us start stressing early!

Just a few tweaks can really help, and I want to help in any way I can…

Toss these around in your life and see which on sticks…you might find that small changes (read awareness ) makes huge differences in how you feel and move through the holidays and into your new year! Enjoy…and please tell me, and others, what works for you…here are a few…

1. Swap something sweet for something sweet…wait…what??? If you love your candy, cake, morning muffin, late afternoon soda. ..for 5 days, consider these other options. first they will be weird,  but you will find that you don’t need as much or maybe even like it better…
1. Medjool dates with almonds…super sweet but super healthy and by combining them with almonds its hella satisfying and sticks around longer than a snickers. Or, try dried mango, pineapple or apple…maybe even a sugar free lolly…that’s a two’fer…you get to hold something and taste it too.

2. This one may be a stretch, but you are not a cow….divorce dairy for 5 days…you can do anything for 5 days…dairy gunks up your system ..and slows everything down. No cheese you say? I say ….YES! Trust me…the next pizza you get, get it without cheese…any toppings you want but no cheese…it tastes so much better…and you don’t get that bloaty feeling…or, use almond milk in your coffee with honey…or use roasted green chilies on your burger, coconut milk ice cream (though I don’t really suggest that) . The point is, dairy is everywhere and we just get used to ignoring it…its a matter of reading labels…non fat milk, whey, milk…that’s out for a week. The moment you go back to dairy,  the crampy bloaty yucky feeling will come back as your body’s way of rebellion.

3. Walk more…we have all heard this one before but seriously,  walk more. You dont need to run or go crazy (unless you’re into that) but just more movement can pop you over the edge and create a new “normal”.

4. As a fitness Instructor,  I see it all the time….people go to the gym but their bodies are the  same after years of taking their favorite class…why? It’s because they are doing the same thing…think Enstein. .its a bummer to watch because they mean well and put in the time but the missing piece is effort. Add a little weight to your squats, or increase the chest reps, or add 3 mins of skipping rope between sets…or take a different class one day. I know, I know…you love your class and your instructor but if they are worth their salt…they will encourage you to challenge your body in new ways…and they will be there next week!!

5. This is probably the most important tweak you can do…LOVE YOUR BODY THE WAY IT IS NOW!!!!! Appreciate what it does beyond making heads turn…I mean think about it….it fights colds, it holds your kids, it allows you to hug someone, it gives you amazing experiences,  it powers your dreams , it breathes on its own without even trying, it has brought you this far and it will be ready for the challenge you give it! Your body is amazing…you are amazing…and together….you can do anything you set your sights on!

This holiday season can be great….listen to your body, call it out on bull sh@t, and start your new year now…

Sending you encouragement,  love, motivation and most of all a virtual push!

If you are a techy geek like me…check out a fitness tracker that can help you be aware,  keep you engaged and it super fun to tack your progress. ..want one?

Helo Store

..and trust me…even  doing one of these  little tweaks will make a difference,  do 2…and look out! All 5? Holy crap…get ready for your best year yet!!! you can do this !!! The Helo can help too!

Xo,  Elle


Jump on the Helo

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to help people in fitness! I have always loved it! To see someone come back from an injury, lose that pesky 10 lbs, or reach a goal they thought they would never reach is JUST THE BEST!  As a trainer, I can watch from the outside, tweak a few things and get great results for my clients. It’s so awesome to be a part of someone’s growth and gain….

When my friend showed me the Helo, I was instantly excited! Not only does this thing track your health (think internal personal trainer) BUT it can also help build your financial fitness! And for me, I get to help someone build their dreams! It makes me so happy to know I can help! I truly enjoy the teamwork and momentum of this tidal wave that has hit the USA!

I would love to have you join me and the rest of the crew as we build a business to secure our financial future and create the lifestyle we really want. Whether it’s saving up for a big purchase, sending a kid to school, paying of debt or making sure you never punch a clock again….I WANT TO HELP!

Sign up here to save your SPOT    User name is lfisco (case sensitive)

This secures your position in a rapidly growing business…sign up then look at it…it costs NOTHING to save your spot…no joke, NOTHING!!!! The Helo is $320 , only when you want one. If you want to build a business, then you will want to purchase the 5 pack (buy 4, get one free) This allows you to give them to family, have one as a demo for test drives, or to give them as gifts….BOTTOM LINE….wearable technology is the newest trend….GET ON THE TRAIN NOW!

If you have questions, I can help email me at

Direct Sales isn’t scary, yes it’s work, but its really no different than any other company,,,,The CEO worked their butts off….and they get the big bucks, and people work for them…the differences, the CEO’s income is limitless!

The HELO is the latest wearable personal Health Tracker. Incredible technology that keeps tabs on your personal stats, delivered to your smart phone . To order please visit:

Helo Store

Real Time Life Stats

I can’t wait to wear this in a yoga class…Interesting to see how my heart rate changes….I can always feel it, now I can track it too…pretty cool!!! Get yours here….

Always updated…check out the new stuff here


Keep tabs on your Blood Pressure

One of HELO’s many incredible benefits is its exclusive and patent-pending algorithm used to estimate the wearer’s blood pressure.

HELO is able to calculate and estimate your blood pressure from the heart rate variability data it collects. This data is detected by a light sensor which illuminates the skin and measures changes in light absorption. The data will then monitor the perfusion of blood to the dermis and subcutaneous tissue of the skin to estimate blood pressure.

In order to perform an accurate estimation, HELO needs to be calibrated at the time your blood pressure is taken by a health care professional. Be sure to have your HELO with you at your health professional’s office, as you will need to input the blood pressure value given by your doctor in order to set your HELO up correctly.

Once you have the value from your health professional, you can input and confirm that value in your HELO. HELO will then utilize that calibration value to better understand the data it collects from the sensor and will start to learn about your body as it continues to measure and monitor. In only a few days, HELO will be able to accurately and precisely estimate your blood pressure!

Please note that after your first HELO calibration, you should not reset the calibration unless you will be giving your HELO to someone else, as resetting calibration will delete all the information HELO has collected and you will need to start over again.

Also, a user is not able to demonstrate this feature of HELO on another person, as each user will have different values and measurements. HELO uses a smart machine learning system to create its estimations, and these numbers are specifically calculated for the user it has been measuring.

Get yours NOW!

The Helo is the latest wearable technology! It tracks your vitals and send right to your smart phone. It can alert your loved ones should you need help, or you can be alerted when one you love needs YOU!

Check it out at



The coolest thing ever!

The Helo is here. Think of it as a FitBit on steroids. Wearable technology if the wave of the future and you have access RIGHT NOW!

What is it , you ask? Watch this….and see! And stay tuned for even more features and benefits you can add to give yourself peace of mind and manage your health and wellness your way!

The Latest in Wearable Health Trackers!

Check this out!!!!!


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