One of HELO’s many incredible benefits is its exclusive and patent-pending algorithm used to estimate the wearer’s blood pressure.

HELO is able to calculate and estimate your blood pressure from the heart rate variability data it collects. This data is detected by a light sensor which illuminates the skin and measures changes in light absorption. The data will then monitor the perfusion of blood to the dermis and subcutaneous tissue of the skin to estimate blood pressure.

In order to perform an accurate estimation, HELO needs to be calibrated at the time your blood pressure is taken by a health care professional. Be sure to have your HELO with you at your health professional’s office, as you will need to input the blood pressure value given by your doctor in order to set your HELO up correctly.

Once you have the value from your health professional, you can input and confirm that value in your HELO. HELO will then utilize that calibration value to better understand the data it collects from the sensor and will start to learn about your body as it continues to measure and monitor. In only a few days, HELO will be able to accurately and precisely estimate your blood pressure!

Please note that after your first HELO calibration, you should not reset the calibration unless you will be giving your HELO to someone else, as resetting calibration will delete all the information HELO has collected and you will need to start over again.

Also, a user is not able to demonstrate this feature of HELO on another person, as each user will have different values and measurements. HELO uses a smart machine learning system to create its estimations, and these numbers are specifically calculated for the user it has been measuring.