I LOVE LOVE LOVE to help people in fitness! I have always loved it! To see someone come back from an injury, lose that pesky 10 lbs, or reach a goal they thought they would never reach is JUST THE BEST!  As a trainer, I can watch from the outside, tweak a few things and get great results for my clients. It’s so awesome to be a part of someone’s growth and gain….

When my friend showed me the Helo, I was instantly excited! Not only does this thing track your health (think internal personal trainer) BUT it can also help build your financial fitness! And for me, I get to help someone build their dreams! It makes me so happy to know I can help! I truly enjoy the teamwork and momentum of this tidal wave that has hit the USA!

I would love to have you join me and the rest of the crew as we build a business to secure our financial future and create the lifestyle we really want. Whether it’s saving up for a big purchase, sending a kid to school, paying of debt or making sure you never punch a clock again….I WANT TO HELP!

Sign up here to save your SPOT  my.worldgn.com/join    User name is lfisco (case sensitive)

This secures your position in a rapidly growing business…sign up then look at it…it costs NOTHING to save your spot…no joke, NOTHING!!!! The Helo is $320 , only when you want one. If you want to build a business, then you will want to purchase the 5 pack (buy 4, get one free) This allows you to give them to family, have one as a demo for test drives, or to give them as gifts….BOTTOM LINE….wearable technology is the newest trend….GET ON THE TRAIN NOW!

If you have questions, I can help email me at Myhelorocks@gmail.com

Direct Sales isn’t scary, yes it’s work, but its really no different than any other company,,,,The CEO worked their butts off….and they get the big bucks, and people work for them…the differences, the CEO’s income is limitless!

The HELO is the latest wearable personal Health Tracker. Incredible technology that keeps tabs on your personal stats, delivered to your smart phone . To order please visit: lfisco.worldgn.comhelopic